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I give anyone my highest recommendation to choose TIBS Software for their Mobile Application.

Saiyed Manazir AbbasManaging Director,Infobahn Consultancy

“On behalf of our management, I would like to thank TIBS Software for the continuous efforts in coordinating with Wrigley team to install the EDI project. “

Natraj. T, Triburg Freight Services LLC

I was very skeptical when I first signed up for the course, as they promised in the add that this two day course will give you the tools to complete your first application. I was very surprised when they delivered on their promise; Because one month later I had actually submitted my first app using only what I had learned in that class. I have no background in programing and have never written code in my life.Taking that course turned out to be the best decision I made .  I am definitely going back for an advanced course as soon as it is organized. Just for the record Tony Thobias is an amazing instructor he makes complicated concepts very easy to understand , I really enjoyed taking the class

Noora I . Al-Khalifa

I’d like to thank you and your support team at TIBS Software  for your amazing iPhone Apps workshop. Although I was looking forward to the workshop I was not convinced I was going to learn enough to really make use of it. After all, people go to university for years to learn computer programming and I am not exactly a geek anyway.

First of all the pre-course material was so well thought out that not a single person started the course needing help to set their computers up properly – that is a really great achievement!

I was amazed and excited that by the end of Day One I had actually created 5 apps and Day Two was even more productive. Since then I’ve been practising lots and I can see why you say programming is addictive.

Thobias, you are a really fantastic teacher. You took us through a really complex process slowly, but not so slowly it got boring. You were patient and were able to simplify things so even the slowest learner (that would be me!) could understand them. You cut through all the jargon and focused on what was really important.

I’ve been asked about this workshop by all my friends and they are all amazed by what I can do after only two days. Quite a few of them will be on your next one!

Susan CastleSuccess Coach,Outwith The Dots