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TIBS Software provide Online Business Solutions to ambitious  Software development companies in Dubai that know the value the Internet offers business today. Don’t make the mistake of putting your company’s business solutions in inexperienced hands. TIBS Software simplify with the kind of experience you have and distinguish your company as one of Dubai’s best. The company takes analysis approach to the well being of your company one of that incorporates website design, internet marketing and internet management in the most working of ways.

The most important business growth features are helping companies to reach their expectation, support in converting their expectation to customers and support in retaining those customers. This is accomplished through our interactive solutions and expertise in providing a memorable and positive user experience. TIBS Software Online Business Solutions has extensive experience to link your online business processes via- web based technologies into a new profitable model for the Web Application

 Online Business Solution increases productivity and innovation for all clients through planning, transforming, and managing their IT environments. The need for more personalized awareness to customers is driving most businesses to accept digital processes for high-value business solutions. TIBS Software is designed to help your business to grow in a way that attracts millions of people everyday.

After reviewing several software applications in the market  Our solution is the most effective solutions to meet their company needs. It is cost-effective and provided more functionality that competing products and offered a fast implementation time. By automating, a noticeable improvement in productivity and reduced the billing cycle from  60% to 80%. Your time and expenses were now being processed more efficiently and with better accuracy.

Your business is what matters and technology is a strategic tool to help achieve your goals.  TIBS Software works across the entire range of online marketing activity like media banner ads, branded games, email marketing,etc…. All this is delivered by domestic brand marketing experts.

 Our care and commitment to you doesn’t simply stop when your project goes live. But we will be with you from this point forward to manage any support or maintenance requirements large or small. We manage and track requests for support and maintenance through online connectivity.

With innovative approaches and advanced methodologies TIBS Software provides scalable Online Business Solutions to help companies achieve success through revenue increase, cost management and user satisfaction. Developing Scalable Online Business Solutions with your success is our main objective.

The main thing that you can help your company to succeed is to choose the right business solutions provider. We provide your business with the best services and work towards delivering high quality and innovative solutions. TIBS Software process and tools work for all kinds of businesses.Get on board with  Dubai’s best. Get in touch with TIBS Software now.


    It is an effective methodology to use in times of crisis to make certain that the processes are efficient and effective,  this will result in a better and more cost efficient organization. This process is not one time process, a continuous evaluation of the processes and taking actions to improve the total flow of processes is very significant. TIBS Software understand the present situation, then plan and works towards a better one with our skilled workforce.


    Your ability to make commercial relationship with your customers is directly proportional to your success. Companies often wants to mark their customers as customers for life  rather than sort them as the fleeting customer. The possible way to accomplish this is to understand your customer along with the conversation around sales, marketing, customer service activities and sometimes technical support.At TIBS Software Customer Relationship Management services uses the technique of uncut review of your customer which leads to a effective and productive relationships.

    CRM Application is highly scalable and customizable, allowing businesses to increase actionable customer approaching with a back-end analytical engine, view business prospects with prognostic analytics, update operations and personalize customer care based on the customer’s well-known history and earlier connections with your business.


    From Business applications to word processing applications we all are getting used to the habit of getting the qualities of Rich Internet Applications  because the users want to experience the naturality as of the real world in the software.”Rich Internet Applications” , if you take out “Internet” and “Applications” are well known for all of us but we are here to give a meaning to what exactly this service means,”To give the internet applications made by us a power to deliver Rich experience to the customer or anyone who uses it. Our TIBS Software experts have a care in enhancing the richness of the experience by shaping the software that is more adaptable, more secure, more interactive and more user-friendly.


    EAI is the unrestricted sharing of data and business processes throughout the network applications or data sources in an organization. The Inventory control, Sales Automation, Database Management, Human Resources, Property Management ERP Software, Billing and Inventory ERP Software programs were made in a way that it used to run independently without any interaction with the other systems. These software programs were designed in a way to complete the certain works and usually are proprietary systems. Gradually the need for the information and applications to be transferred and shared between the systems of organization became higher. The EAI services provided by TIBS Software have been proved to be profitable achievements in every aspect to various organizations.


    E-commerce application is a software application that is specifically designed to support the creation of an e-commerce website and it is mainly the buying and selling of a product or services in an online network via e-commerce website. As huge money are being spent and made each day the need for a best online business application arises. TIBS Software works on the customized needs of the customer and provides them with the top notch technology to match their requirements with performance and safety.