Mobile Application Development

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Mobile Application development is one of the many service  that  TIBS Software provide with profound quality. Whatever be the need of your application be it simple or complex. TIBS Software has a dedicated team of experienced professionals who can develop the mobile phone application to the best of your satisfaction as well as provide consulting to improve the end user experience of your application. We have so far created numerous mobile software applications for our clients in Dubai in varying fields of industry namely logistics, warehousing, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics brands, banks, financial institutions, trading companies, etc. We continue to offer cost effective, timely and satisfactory solutions to our customers.

It has been estimated that more than 50 per cent of the internet access is done through handheld devices and this reveals the desperate need to satisfy these users by providing variety of mobile applications that cater to their various requirements. Mobile software applications are more advantageous than Web applications in order of Accessibility, Easiness of updating to new versions, Look and feel compatibility etc,..

TIBS Software has developed all these mobile applications in their respective native technologies. For example on iPhones and iPads which run on IOS we use a platform specific software development kit (SDK). The various advantages of using native technologies are that they can be used to build complex application effectively and provide data caching better look and feel thereby rich UI and interactivity, offline support etc,..

Ever wondered, “Does my business really need a mobile app?” or “Why are so many companies’ actively deploying mobile phone applications?” In day to day activities, like local business search (restaurant, stores etc.) online shopping, mobile banking, social networking, data collection, playing games it has been realized that your customers tend to use their handheld smart devices more than computers in today’s trend. Also through mobile apps you can advertise send offers as well as push notifications to reach the users easily. Thereby the more effectively you make your customers use your mobile application. The more your brand gets popular and the more reach your business gets. Not only customers  you may also need mobile applications developed for your employees who work remotely or in field to track and provide them with scheduling details, help them access your corporate IT systems remotely. Now whatever be the need of a mobile phone application for your business. TIBS Software has an expert team to design an app and perform mobile application development to make your business go viral.

Mobile Platforms


    TIBS Software has a dedicated team for iPhone application development. Our development team can conceptualize, build and test all kinds of iPhone applications for your business needs. We use the latest iOS SDK’s to give you the best and the latest iPhone application which are compatible with the latest iDevices.


    Many organizations are creating iPad apps for their employees and their customers. iPad apps have opened new horizons for many businesses and help them in various way whether it’s Medical, teaching or logistics. We can develop an iPad app for every business.


    Android Play is one of the most visited app store. We can custom build Android applications to cater to all kinds of needs. Android application development for both mobile and tablets are taken care at TIBS Software. We use the latest API’s in Android application development so that it fits all kind of android platforms.


    Blackberry application development requires a whole lot of platforms coming together and you get all together in TIBS Software. We can develop Blackberry apps with the latest 10.1 SDK as well. So your blackberry applications are never out of date.


    Windows mobile is one of the upcoming mobile application platforms. And we are on it right from the start. We develop Windows Mobile applications as well as software for Windows platform. In TIBS Software Windows mobile application development is handled by a separate team of experts.