Social Media Marketing & Optimization

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Social Media Marketing & Optimization

The Social media has come a long way from being just a tool to interact and share photos with your family and friends, to a powerful marketing medium. Actually, that’s not surprising at all; in the history of marketing and promotion; the marketing agencies have always targeted the places, where there are people. The truth of the moment is; the social media is the place to find the real people. According to a recent survey; Facebook, a social networking site, has more than 700 million users but the actual surprising fact is that, around half of them are always online, at any given instance. That’s huge by any standards and provides a great business and marketing opportunity in social media marketing . If handled well, these users of the social media have the potential of turning into a highly targeted traffic to your business or website.


The Social media has changed the way businesses do marketing. Last few years certain businesses used to ignore the quality of their products, but spent millions on advertising. That was essentially the time for one way advertisements, when users didn’t have any control, and they didn’t have their say in any marketing campaigns. That’s ironical, because companies were manufacturing goods for the users yet they were ignoring these very users. With the advent of the social media, the consumer again comes up at the top. In these times of the social media if you can’t deliver quality in your products then you are out of business, within months, if not in days, whether your business is based in Abu Dhabi, Doha, Muscat or any of the other major cities. However, if you know how to use social marketing media effectively; it presents a great marketing opportunity for your business. Most importantly, the social media costs nothing and of course apart from the time and efforts.

So, how to use it effectively in favor of your business? And why social media presence is important for your business? These are the questions we tackle every day at TIBS, a Dubai based company. Apart from, helping your organization in understanding the benefits of the social media, we can help you devise the ways by which social media can be used as an effective marketing tool for your online business. We at TIBS, a Dubai based company; believe in complete collaboration with our client once the social media marketing project commences. From the most basic things like training the decision makers and staff of your company about handling social media to the most complicated ones like defining social media policies and designing a content calendar detailing what to post and when to post; we take care of every little detail for you.

It’s not a secret anymore that Facebook is the most widely used social networking platform. In order to derive all the advantages of business opportunities available on Facebook; one has to incorporate design and technology that can provide you a competitive edge on Facebook. We at TIBS, specializes in creating cutting edge application for facebook, contests and quizzes on facebook. This strategy not only effectively engage the existing users and but it also helps in attracting new users. Case in point is; one of our recent clients was successful in getting 1000 facebook likes in just a single week; all thanks to a facebook app, created by our company.

At TIBS, we have helped a number of companies in designing and setting up of their profile pages in social marketing media whether it’s a fan page in facebook or a brand page in Google plus. Although, this is a very basic step, but it’s the most important step in delivering your company’s objective to your users and in building your brand identity.

However, there is more to social networking media than just setting up a flawless profile page. The next question is; what is social media networking. Social networking refers to things like getting links, promoting your products among the users, getting votes such as likes in facebook, creating viral content, getting subscribers, promoting the page and responding to the users in a timely manner. These are some of the things that determine the success of a business in social networking media.

Therefore, a solid social media presence is the need of the hour and Here at TIBS, a premium Dubai based company; we always strive to accomplish exactly that and much more for your business.