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Search Engine Optimization – How to increase you sales and revenue

Search engine optimization (SEO) has gained a lot of importance in the recent years, so much so that it becomes an integral part for every web development and web site design process. The credit goes to the ever increasing popularity of search engines. Now people trust search engines for all their online needs, and if you also want to get into the good books of search engine, so that they would recommend your business name in their listing; you have to please them. This art of pleasing the search engines and make them rank your website or business higher in the search engine result pages is precisely known as search engine optimization. The process starts right at the development stage and goes on for the whole life cycle of the website or business; to draw more and more benefits consistently.

Planning for search engine optimization should get started at the stage of inception, right at the beginning of the development process. At TIBS, a Dubai based company; we recognize this requirement and offer various services that are required at this stage of the project.  For instance; our services like W3 validation along with technical suggestions to optimize the code help you to keep up with the search engine instructions and requirements, because we believe that it’s very hard to rectify the problems later on; that we make at this stage.

The second and the most important stage of development after the code is content writing. It’s a known fact that having top notch content on your website, which actually provides useful information to the users; is a sure shot way to keep your users happy. However, what about the search engines; what do they look for in content to rank you higher. The answer lies in the keywords in the content. Studying keywords in a piece of content is one of the preferred ways for search engines to analyze the importance of your website. However, proper keywords research is necessary to find the most appropriate and high ROI keywords. At TIBS, a Dubai web designer company with our years of experience; we have devised the ways to find the high ROI keywords related to any niche. Now just finding the keywords is only half the battle won. You have to insert these keywords into the text without affecting its quality. With our state-of-the-art on-page optimization techniques for optimizing the content as well as images; we accomplish exactly that for you.

There are lots of other things that matter in the ranking of your website. The first one is; competition analysis. At TIBS a Dubai based online marketing company, whenever a site comes to us for optimization and online marketing; our first and the foremost motive would be to kill the competition; for this, we analyze the competing sites and study the areas where they are leading and devise ways to beat every competing site out there. Also, it goes without saying that client’s participation is the most important factor here. For analyzing competition and ranking, we take into account every major search engine out there such as Google, Bing and Yahoo that is without leaving the popular local search engines such as yandex.ru in Russia.

Other methods that we employ to achieve the high rankings for a website include geo targeting; to target a specific geographical area such as UAE, Oman or Qatar for optimization, micro website and mini website development to take advantage of the keywords and on page optimization. In addition to these on-page optimization techniques, we also specialize in off page optimization techniques such as the article and directory submission services, by keeping in mind Google panda algorithm changes, blogging, social media marketing, among others. We are so confident of our online marketing and processes and techniques that we can guarantee the first page indexing of your website; once you avail our search engine optimization services.

If you are looking for quicker ways of online marketing and promotion, then don’t look any further. At TIBS, a Dubai advertising agency; we have years of experience in paid advertising campaigns such; as PPC on Google or any other platform, with guaranteed results. We believe in only white hat SEO methods; these methods don’t only prevent search engines penalties, but they are really effective for long term results.