Infrastructure Security Compliance

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TIBS solutions for Information Security Solutions and Compliance offer efficient, cost-effective and sustainable Information/Cyber Security frameworks that ensure 100% legitimate with legal and regulatory requirements. Information Security Management system of TIBS specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing Security Policies, monitoring, reviewing , maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS) within an organization. It is designed to ensure the selection of adequate and proportionate the security controls to protect information systems.

TIBS standard contains guidelines and best practices recommendation for security domains like Organization Information Security, Data security, Application Security , Network Security , Enterprise Security ,Endpoint Security , Email Security ,Cloud Security , DNS Security, Malware protection ,Next Gen Firewall ,SIEM /SOC – solution ,Secure SD-WAN solution , SDP Software-Defined Perimeter, Ransomware Protection, PAM – Privileged Access Management, EDR – Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions, ISO 27701 Consulting, Advanced Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment Service (VAPT), Incident Management, Business continuity Management, Asset Management, Human Resources, Physical Security Environmental Security, Development and Website Maintenance.


  • We maintain to build Security Network and Vulnerability Management Program.
  • Ensuring technical security in application and products are part of the project life-cycle through a bottom- up approach.
  • Adoption of international standards of information security products and services as per industry best practices.
  • Meeting compliance requirements like ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA etc.
  • Alignment of different compliance programs with your organization’s overall information security strategy.
  • Improving operational efficiency, optimizing costs and increasing sustainability.
  • Prioritization of investments and resources to address real risks.
  • Ensuring compliance with multiple regulations simultaneously.
  • Improved information security governance mechanisms.
  • Ensuring the security and compliance of business critical applications is a crucial step in our journey towards growth.
  • The challenge is to ensure security and compliance while still maintaining flexibility and the ability to scale rapidly.
  • TIBS provides the best security infrastructure compliance in the industry and we meant it !

Security Complaince Services