5G Technology

5G Technology mobile networks are the proposed next broadcast communications models past the current 4G/IMT-Advanced measures.Mobile and wireless networks have made fabulous growth in the last fifteen years. Currently, many cellular phones have also a WLAN adapter. Besides their 3G, 2G, WLAN, Bluetooth etc. adapters. Utilizing IP for both, 2.5G or 3G (PLMN) Public Land Mobile Networks on one side and WLAN on the other, elevate research on their coordination. As to 4G, its concentration is towards consistent coordination of cell systems, for example, GSM and 3G.
Multi mode client terminals are viewed as must have for 4G, yet unique security systems and diverse QoS bolster in various wireless technologies remain a test. In any case, incorporation among various wireless networks (e.g. PLMN and WLAN) is working practically speaking even today. In any case, unique wireless networks from a solitary terminal are utilized solely, that is, there is no consolidating of various wireless access technologies for the same session (e.g., FTP download). 5g technology

The proposed Open Wireless Architecture (OWA) in is focused on giving open base band preparing modules with open interface parameters to bolster distinctive existing and also future wireless communication standards. The OWA is alert to MAC/PHY layers of future (4G) mobile terminals. The referenced effort above gives a ground to the meaning of an idea for past 4G mobile systems as 5G portable systems. In the proposed idea the portable mobile client is on the highest point of all.

The 5G technology will have programming described radios and tweak conspire and additionally new error control plans can be downloaded from the Internet on the run. The improvement is seen towards the client terminals as a concentration of the 5G portable systems. The terminals will have entry to various remote advancements in the meantime and the terminal ought to have the capacity to consolidate distinctive streams from various advances. Every system will be in charge of taking care of client portability, while the terminal will settle on the last decision among various wireless/mobile get to network suppliers for a given administration. The paper additionally proposes wise Internet telephone idea where the cell phone can pick the best associations by chose limitations and progressively transform them amid a solitary end-to-end connection.

5g technology

5G Technology

5th generation mobile networks are the proposed next broadcast communications models past the current 4G/IMT-Advanced measures. Instead of speedier pinnacle Internet association speeds, 5G arranging goes for a higher limit than current 4G, permitting a higher number of portable broadband clients per range unit, and permitting utilization of higher or boundless information amounts in gigabyte every month and client. This would make it attainable for a vast bit of the populace to stream top-quality media numerous hours every day with their cell phones, when out of reach of wifi hotspots. 5G innovative work likewise goes for enhanced support of machine to machine correspondence, otherwise called the Internet of things, going for lower cost, bring down battery utilization and lower inactivity than 4G gear. There is presently no standard for 5G deployments. The Next Generation Mobile Networks union describes the following requirements that a 5G standard should perform:

Requirements for 5G standard  perform

  • In metropolitan areas, Data rates of 100 MB/sec
  • In Office area, 1 GB/sec for many workers on the same office floor
  • Spectral efficiency significantly improved compared to 4G
  • Coverage enhanced
  • Signaling efficiency better
  • Latency must be 1ms
  • Latency compact significantly compared to LTE.[2]

The Next Generation Mobile Networks union feels that 5G Technology ought to be taken off by 2020 to meet business and client requests. Notwithstanding giving essentially speedier rates, they foresee that 5G organizes likewise should meet new utilize cases, for example, the Internet of Things (internet connected devices) and additionally communicate like lifeline communication and services in times of common fiasco. Bearers, chipmakers, OEMS and OSATs, for example, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), have been preparing for this person to come (5G) next-generation (5G) wireless standard, as mobile frameworks and base stations will require new and speedier application processors, basebands and RF gadgets.

5g technology


In spite of the fact that upgraded benchmarks that characterize abilities past those characterized in the current 4G models are under thought, those new capacities have been gathered under the current ITU-T 4G guidelines. The U.S. Government Communications Commission (FCC) affirmed the range for 5G Technology, including the 28 Gigahertz, 37 GHz, and 39 GHz groups, on July 14, 2016.

• A super-productive versatile system that conveys a superior performing system for lower speculation cost. It addresses the mobile system operators’ squeezing need to see the unit cost of data transport falling at generally the same rate from the volume of the data request is rising. It would be a jump forward in effectiveness in view of the IET Demand Attentive Network (DAN) philosophy.[17]

• A super-quick mobile network involving the up and coming era of little cells thickly bunched to give a touching scope over at any rate urban zones and getting the world to the last outskirts of genuine “wide-zone portability. It would oblige access to range under 4 GHz may be by means of the world’s first worldwide execution of Dynamic Spectrum Access.

• A merged fiber-remote system that utilizes, interestingly for wireless Internet access to, the millimeter wave groups (20 – 60 GHz) in order to permit wide-transfer speed radio channels ready to bolster information get to rates of up to 10 GB/s. The association basically involves “short” remote connections on the end of the local fiber optic link. It would be increasingly an “itinerant” service (like Wi-Fi) as opposed to a wide-zone mobile service.


Apache Cassandra

Cassandra is open source development at Apache. The Apache Cassandra project fetches together Dynamo’s fully spread design and big tables Column family supported data model.

Cassandra is adjusting to new advances in distributed algorithms like Accural style failure finding and others. Cassandra is verified as it is in utilize by Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Rackspace, Reddit, Cisco, and Cloudkick. The biggest production cluster has over 100 TB of data in more 150 machines. It is Fault liberal, decentralizes and provides the control to web developers to select between synchronous and asynchronous data replication. It suggests rich data model, to well compute using key and value pairs. It is extremely scalable both in terms of storage volume and applies for throughput while not being focused to any single point of collapse. It is strong and supports third party applications. Cassandra intends to run on a peak of an infrastructure of hundreds of nodes.



At this level, small and large components stop working continuously. The way Cassandra runs the constant state in the face of this failure drives the consistency and scalability of the software systems relying on this repair. Cassandra looks like a database and shares many design and performance strategies therewith, Cassandra does not maintain a full relational data modeling its place it presents customers with a simple data model that supports active control over data format and layout. Cassandra system was intended to run on cheap product hardware and feel high write throughput while not give up read efficiency.

What is Apache Cassandra?:

Apache Cassandra is a high-performance and highly scalable dispersed database management system that can provide as both an operational data storage for online, and as a read thorough database for business intelligence systems. Cassandra is capable of managing the sharing of data across several data centers and provides incremental scalability with any points of failure. It is a controlled storage system over a P2P network. Cassandra utilizes a synthesis of familiar techniques to complete scalability and availability. Cassandra is a distributed storage system for running structured data that is calculated to scale to huge sizes crosswise many commodity servers, with any point of failure.

The idea is to keep running on top of an infrastructure of several hubs, where little and expansive parts in the server farms fail consistently. Apache Cassandra accomplishes adaptability, superior, high accessibility and applicability. It doesn’t support a full relational data model. Rather it gives customers a simple data model as clarified later.

Many recent businesses have outgrown the classic RDBMS utilize case and need of data management software that suggests more. Successful web companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and others like them, first showing the require for a more forward-thinking technique beyond sharding that handled all types of data.

Comparing the Cassandra Data Model to a Relational Database:

The Apache Cassandra data model is planned for distributed data on a very large scale. Although it is natural to want to evaluate the relational database to a Cassandra data model, they are relatively different. In a relational database, data is stored in tables and the tables including an application are normally related to each other. Data regularly control to decrease redundant entries, and tables are connected to common keys to suit a given query.

Apache Cassandra


In Apache Cassandra, the keyspace is keeping for your application data, similar to a database in a relational database. Inside the keyspace are two more column family objects, which are related to tables. Column families enclose columns, and a set of related columns is known by an application-supplied row key. Each row in a column family is not essential to have the same set of columns. Cassandra does not impose relationships between column families the method that relational databases do between tables. There are no proper foreign keys in Cassandra, and connecting column families at query time is not supported. Each column family has an independent set of columns that are proposed to be accessed together to assure specific queries from your application.


Cassandra Architecture:

Cassandra can fulfill numerous data-driven application utilize cases through a carefully thought-out architecture designed. It deals with all types of modern information, scale to meet the necessities of “huge data” administration. It offers straight execution scale-out capacities and conveys the sort of high accessibility that practically every on the web, 24×7 application needs. Cassandra is a shared appropriated data administration framework where each node is basically the same as for how it works in the group. In Cassandra, there is no understanding of an “ace node” or anything comparative, with the advantage being inferred that no single purpose of disappointment exists for any key procedure or capacity.

apache cassandra

The scale-out part of Apache Cassandra permits node additions to happen with no interruption to application uptime. Ability to handle expanding I/O activity or approaching information volumes is included effectively. It requires no unique ETL forms or other information development work to be performed physically. Rather, Cassandra consequently segments information crosswise over nodes once at least one node. They have been added to a group and the new nodes from existing machines in the bunch. Data redundancy to ensure against equipment disappointment and other information misfortune situations. It is likewise incorporated with and oversaw straightforwardly by Cassandra. Advance, this ability can be arranged to be very modern. So information can be appropriated over numerous, geologically scattered server farms.


7 Data Security Mistakes Startups Can’t give to Make

Beginners are generally in a rush, and they are not remembering about data security as they struggle to get an MVP out. Starting new businesses, a data breach can affect the company closing down. To deal with the mistakes most commonly made.What’s the one critical data security mistakes that technical person startups seem to create when it appears to data security nowadays and why?

1. Professional and Personal borders:

Mobile Phones have become increasingly famous during the past years, especially in the startup scene. People don’t like carrying some Smartphone’s and having to get an expert in different operating systems for checking their email or bring up to date their calendars. Employee‘s personal devices can right to use and store responsive corporate information locally. When the employee left the company, the information gone with them, forever stored on his or her personal device. Security-wise, this is a critical mistake.

2. Ignoring two-way authentication:

Two-way authentication: The framework that sends your cell phone a code via SMS, to enter when signing on another site page – is a simple step, however routinely disregarded, first step. It is presently offered in all the key business stages, including Sales drive and Google Apps for Work. You can even empower this security framework in social networks voluntarily. Since password breaking is turning out to be increasingly regular, the insightful thing to do is to improve your online-put away delicate data with an additional protection layer.

data security mistakes

3. Data Security Mistakes issue:

Racing to get a reasonable item available and getting those exceptionally vital deals is a top startup need, which may bring about security incidents at an early stage. Guaranteeing that your frameworks are secure is a fastidious procedure which can victimize assets from item advancement. In any case, when new companies “cheat” amid security setup, it is practically sure that they’ll go over a similar issue later on. Security and safety ought to be top priorities from the earliest starting

4. Insufficient exit protocols:

Data Information failures and security breaks are more regular with organizations that depend for the most part on freelancers or low maintenance staff unless they fuse a foreordained exit methodology. Information loss, as private data sharing, account access and other, is not hard to happen when delicate corporate information remains put away on the gadgets of these individuals; they are not all that security-cognizant on their own gadgets, or they even disregard having the data stored  in any case. You should ensure your organization’s and your customer’s data by preparing with your legitimate group.


5. Forgoing SSL from the beginning:

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is effortlessly implementable from the very first moment. It ought to be empowered as a matter of course in each site. It consoles your clients while redesigning the security level of your interchanges. New companies frequently think they can leave security for later when they will have become bigger. The issue with this approach is that the organization neglects to join security in its center qualities, which makes it harder to manage when the time comes.data security mistakes

6. Having no policies for cloud storage:

Cloud Storage services like Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, are an astonishing approach to keep your collaborate to speed and handle records. In any case, neglecting to secure them appropriately renders them defenseless against the virus, ransomware, and unauthorized access. The fundamental vulnerability is the accommodation of document sharing itself, which implies that password, backups, email connection, anti-virus, and access security policies must be set up before a solitary client is permitted to bring about the inconvenience for an entire organization.

Change in security rehearses takes after the pace of technological advancement. This implies security models from 10 years prior are currently outdated. Numerous new companies neglect to stay aware of the most progressive security advancements and therefore, they utilize obsolete encryption conventions or old strategies that can be broken by programmers and hackers.

7. No internal policies and infrastructure:

Tech new businesses are in a prime position in regards to information security since they can apply best industry practices from the begin, without being kept behind by obsolete frameworks. This has brought about extraordinary item security. Be that as it may, regardless of the expanded security, inside conventions and practices at tech new companies have not developed in like manner. Restricted utilization of single sign in, sharing of qualifications and insecure password policies are all parts of the disappointment of innovation new companies to put sufficient assets in their interior frameworks and foundation or their impact on information security.


4 Alternative Ways To Use Your CRM Software



(CRM) Customer Relationship Management is a necessary tool for businesses to control and appraise client communications and data throughout the consumer life cycle. By following communications at every stroke point, CRM Software has the functionality to manage contacts, examine data, progress customer preservation and drive sales increase.

As knowledge for business management has complex, CRM Application has also developed to efficiently arm businesses with the tools to aim their customers and other possible opportunities. However, CRM Software is proficient of completing more everyday jobs than most people may be aware of.

Here, we’ll take a seem at alternative four ways that businesses can use a CRM outside of sales and still take out value for your business:

crm software

1. Improve Customer Service in CRM Software:

Using CRM Software for customer service provides customer service teams a fuller, easier view of their efforts with the capacity to understand consumers thoroughly. For businesses of any size, CRM should serve as a tool to outlook details of customer relations, interactions, and transactions. With this, customer service experts should be fast to use CRM to log queries and merge customers in their brand journey and its status.

For instance, when customers have a problem that needs resolution, CRM Software platforms provide a chance to note any improvement towards a resolution, as well as client satisfaction ratings and the solutions your representatives are distributing.

Businesses can optimize the path of both the customer service and sales processes by using critical feedback from clients, helping develop future sales cycles. For example, if customers regularly speak to customer service about a frequent issue that requires an additional add-on to fix, you may want to enclose that in with the core product to keep away from the issue altogether.

2. Convert Relationships to Partnerships:

CRM Software isn’t designed exclusively for monitoring sales but also for managing partner activities and other related relationships that are essential to your industry’s short and long-term interests. Many CRMs suggest features like spreadsheet exports and pipeline reporting which business improvement teams can force to see potential partnerships or long-term relationships. When synchronized with marketing automation software, development these relationships become much easier.

When creating business development partnerships, using a CRM allows users to execute a transaction, track progress, and search through different types of relationships. A consumer can also analysis direct and indirect channels, while channel managers can fast respond to the everyday requirements of their partners. This can keep customers into partners and followers into brand representatives because CRM isn’t fixed severely into the sales cycle.

crm software

3. Supplement the Marketing Process:

As a vital piece of the marketing plan of any business, CRM can help business get quick, thorough feedback on their performance by showing precisely how clients feel about their contributions. In this case, the organization can locate their most loyal consumers and take care of those customers to a product advertising, contribution or market research prospects. By evaluating data and customer feedback on this proposal, businesses can undertake future customer segments with enhanced insights and new policies.

Targeted efforts meant at your existing consumers can remind them of future events or prepared them for news related to your business. These types of practices help out make customer reliability while growing customer preservation and longtime value.

4. Talent Management:

This may seem a little unrelated, but there is a link to workforce analytics and customer relationship management. As human resource specialized need a complete perceptive of the prospective talent to their employees, running this data in a centralized site can support the process. Today’s workforce analytics, much similar to CRM, are mostly based on data housed in HR systems that deal with development, performance, connected actions and career data.

Businesses can accept a mixture of forward-thinking technologies to construct and retain a candidate list to communicate with prospective employ throughout the selection and interview process. In this case, the applicant is your consumer and the HR expert is the salesperson. Keeping candidate data in one place will help potential hiring promotion as well as compensation, in-house training, leave management and performance calculation.

SEO : 5 Tips for Getting High Quality Backlinks in 2016

Backlinks remain a significant part of the more than 100 items Google’s search-engine algorithm considers to analyze your website’s ranking on a search engine results page (SERP). But completing a powerful backlink selection using only white-hat (ethical) SEO strategy can be challenging.

Still, it is probable to get high-quality backlinks. The following five tips will explain to you how to develop your backlink selection over time, and move your site’s position up in a good deal.


High-quality’ backlinks defined::

Initially, what does “high quality” mean? Google consider several factors to charge the authority and quality of backlinks.

Domain age: The difference between a domain that’s one year old and one that’s six months old… yet, older sites with reliable ownership show that the site is truthful to the Google gods, and these features provide links stronger weight.

Link authority: Keyword relevance, Domain age, and other items all go into link authority. Link authority also includes to how much weight Google provides your backlink. To verify your link authority, use “Ahrefs” a big tool to ensure your current backlink profile and verify link authority from other sites.

Exact-match anchor text: Exact-match anchor text ruins a significant component of high-quality backlinks. Anchor text associated with your topic, rather than anchor text like “click here,” adds weight and strength to backlinks.

5 tips for high-quality backlinks:

Getting high-quality backlinks like those explained above may appear a tall order. These methods obtain time, and then a long time to boost your site’s ranking in the SERPs. That won’t happen overnight. But these methods are both confirmed and moral for increasing your backlink profile as part of a generally SEO strategy.

Tip 1: analysis your current backlink profile. Take time to analysis your domain’s present backlink profile. The before mentioned Ahrefs is an industry standard tool that gives a wealth of information, but there are others to help you observe your site’s link profile and domain authority. They include Moz, Majestic, Small SEO Tools and more.

Start a file on your computer to track your site’s recent link profile. You’ll require this to track progress over time and your effort on your backlinks profile.

Record your site’s recent backlink profile in your folder. What sites are they from? How many links do you have? Visit some of the sites to view their quality. Check their authority and rank.

Tip 2: Create a list of your peak posts and keywords. You have to provide websites a motivation to link to your posts. Authoritative, Relevant, engaging and unique content forms the backdrop of all inbound linking actions. Go through your present website and develop a list of your mainly read content and keyword phrases that take in the top traffic levels. You’ll use these as a catalyst for your backlink progress efforts.

Tip 3: Add long-form content to your site. Long-form content, approximately defined as content over 1,000 words, draws backlinks. In one study, the standard Google first page search result enclosed 1,889 words. Look for good content on your own site now that can be extended into online guides. Add images to your content which rank healthy have at least one image.

Tip 4: Generating a list of websites that you’d similar to link into your site to start a guest posting attempts. Guest posts allow you to attach natural backlinks to your website from a large range of sites. In a switch for the content, the webmaster links to your site. It gets time to extend content for other sites. Don’t repurpose existing content or use copy content; that can damage both your SEO efforts and the site you’re pitching.

Tip 5: Pitch your top content to websites. Another strategy to find backlinks is to email the webmasters on your target list with a throw to link into your content. If the content is good enough or significant enough to their sites’ target audience, they may think your request. Provide them with anchor keyword phrases you’d like to have connected with your site, and be patient. They may take weeks to take action.


Comparison of Angular JS vs React JS

The reason of this article is to give you some easy functionality using Angular JS and React JS to provide you an accepting as to what it would take to find an application off the ground. Comparing Angular JS vs React JS, Angular is the big competition in this fight, but React gets improved rendering performance to the table. The documentation for Angular and React is also pretty good. I’m hopeful that after you read this, you’ll have a better understanding as to which framework is correct for you to use on your next project.

 Angular JS vs React JS

Angular JS vs React JS

Angular JS

Angular JS is a web application development framework, and similar to all other frameworks, it offers many out-of-the-box solutions and many functional design results are just arranged by the framework. Angular has been covering for a while now, with its first release in 2009. Since then, it does appear a long way, and they’re up to version 1.3.8 now. Lately, there’s been some news about Angular 2.0, which is going to alter a lot about the framework. The current Angular version utilizes various custom HTML elements and attributes to give functionality on various DOM elements. These are called directives and are very adaptable.

React JS

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library provided that a view for data rendered as HTML. React views are usually rendered using components that include additional components individual as custom HTML tags. React assures programmers a model in which sub-components cannot openly affect enclosing components capable updating of the HTML document when data changes and a clean separation between components on a modern single-page application.
 Angular JS vs React JS
The Angular  method uses to inject data into directives is via scopes. In Angular Scope object which contains data for different controls, like directives and controllers.



The first difference is that React JS puts HTML into JavaScript while Angular JS puts JavaScript into HTML. Surely, the approach of Angular JS is more suitable for many frontend web developers. In addition, putting HTML into JavaScript has been considered an awful practice for a long time now. The React JS development team explained the foundation behind this decision very well:

“We strongly consider that component are the right way to divide concerns rather than “templates” and “display logic.” We think that markup and the code that creates it are intimately tied together. Additionally, display logic is often very difficult and using template languages to express it becomes unwieldy.

We’ve found that the greatest solution for this problem is to generate HTML and component trees straight into the JavaScript code such that you can apply all of the significant power of a real programming language to build UI’s.

Without JSX, I would absolutely vote for the Angular JS approach. However, JSX helps to construct more readable UI component code which creates life considerably easier. Still, developers will get some time to get comfortable with JSX.

Comparing Angular JS vs React JS

The second difference is that React JS has been a “one-way binding” tool from the very opening. Angular JS 1.x was a “two-way binding” tool. While “two-way binding” was an excellent approach appreciated by many developers, in Angular JS 2.x, it was dropped. The binding mechanism is completely dissimilar. It gives wider functionality in Angular JS 2.x compared to React JS. We’ll have to stay and notice how it works in Angular JS 2.x. In React JS, the one-way rendering flow is very fast, straightforward, and debugs, easy to recognize, and trace in comparison to “two-way binding” implement in Angular JS 1.x.

In Angular JS 2.x, the new change detection approach is coming. It’s intended to be based on change detector classes generated at runtime. They also say it’s going to be very fast. The React JS change detection approach is support from Virtual DOM, which means that React JS differentiate the DOM changes new state to the previous state based on renders. This approach is simple to understand and easily trace with React JS debug add-ons. Even if the Angular JS 2.x approach has improved performance, I still think the React JS approach will remain simpler and great.

Two-way binding: Indicates that changes made the parent or child scope are reflecting in the other. When building the scope it’s denoted by an equals sign (=).

One-way binding: Data flows the only function from child to parent. Denoted by an ampersand (&).

Text binding:  It contains no binding information, just a string value.  Denoted by a symbol (@).



Angular JS development doesn’t need anything individual, so you can continue to use your favorite IDE with JavaScript maintain without any issues. With Angular JS 1.x, you will possibly need to use ES5, with Angular JS 2.x, it’s going to be TypeScript, and you’ll control templates in HTML files for both of them.

With React JS, you can observe code written in ES5, ES6 or even TypeScript, plus you may have to write JSX. This variation may cause issues with decision making .IDE supports all these things is Web Storm. If you use Microsoft Visual Studio, go for TypeScript and ES5; just install an extension that translates JSX into ES5 JavaScript first. If you choose to go with ES6, more work will be essential and you’ll most likely need to apply an editor like Atom in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio.


The learning path of the React JS framework isn’t all that easy, but it’s still simple than the learning path of Angular JS. To get started with Angular JS, where you come across complications and sometimes fight with the framework/libraries is much simple with React JS development.

Angular JS vs React JS

Attribute AngularJS Angular 2 React
       Version   1.5.0-rc1 / 1.49   2.0.0 – In Beta          0.14.6
       Author         Google      Google       Facebook
      Language JavaScript/HTML   TypeScript           JSX
    Code Design    JS into HTML    JS into HTML    JavaScript Centric
         DOM    Regular DOM  Regular DOM    Virtual DOM
      Packaging       Weak   Medium         Strong
    Abstraction       Weak   Strong         Strong
      Binding       2 Way   2 Way  Uni-Directional
        MVC         Yes     Yes   View Layer Only
     Rendering    Client Side  Server Side    Server Side
          Size        143k      764k        151k
   Github Stars       46.4k      8.4k       34.4k
  Github Contributors       1,386      189        604

Google Pixel, Pixel XL Smartphone’s Specification & Features

Google hosted a launch event in San Francisco to publicize a few cool Google products. They launched a new line-up name called Google Pixel Smartphone’s. The peak model of the series is Pixel XL with more large size to contribute with the incredible iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S7 Edge. Both Smartphone characteristic a 12-MP primary camera, 8MP front camera and Android 7.1 OS with same Pixel Launcher. Google company latest shot is to market customers on a Branded Google device and to competitive Apple Inc at the high end of the marketplace. In UAE opening price for the Pixel XL basic model is AED 2499 and AED 2299 for Pixel 32GB model. There are some new features in Google Pixel & Pixel XL.

Overview of Google Pixel Specification & Features:

Both Pixel phones enclosed with metallic housing and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, and it is good-looking. Besides, it may be the first mobile phone that you try with Android OS, v7.1 (Nougat) and 821 Snapdragon. The fresh system on chipset presents enhanced performance and power consumption, boost the speed up to 10% with support of 4GB RAM in Pixel phones by Google. The home screen of the Android version shows the encircling icons now with a new User Interface, which is limited to Pixel phones for the initial time. Both flagships prepared the volume control buttons on the right end, the headphone jack port placed on the top and USB Type-C. On the back side of the device, placed the camera lens and flash Noise canceling aspect is included further, below the lens, there is a fingerprint sensor work like as Nexus 6P and just under the sensor company logo ”G”.

Google Pixel,Pixel XL Smartphone's

Key Specifications Google Pixel:

• Android OS, v7.1
• Camera: 12MP 2160p
• 4GB RAM Snapdragon 821
• Display Size: 5.0″ 1080×1920 pixels
• Battery 2770mAh Li-Ion
• Available Colors: Very Black, Quite Silver, Really Blue

Key Specifications Google Pixel XL:

• Android OS, v7.1
• Camera: 12MP 2160p
• 4GB RAM Snapdragon 821
• Size: 5.5″ 1440×2560 pixels
• Big Batter 3450mAh Li-Ion
• Colors: Very Black, Quite Silver, Really Blue


Google is plugging the camera as the USP of these Pixel phones. It maintains this is the top Smartphone camera ever made, and suggests one of the finest low-light performances in the market.
Google Pixel and Pixel XL have 12.3MP rear camera with 1.55-micron pixels. Amusingly both Smartphone cameras don’t have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), but EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). Google says the EIS does a great job of using low-light situations as it is reliant on software to recompense for handshakes, poor lighting, and it will get better over time.

Google Pixel,Pixel XL Smartphone's


Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners get limitless online storage for photos and videos in Google Photos. Google says Pixel users can store up everything in full resolution, on Google Photos. The unlimited storage space for full resolution can also be passed forward to another device. Once the Pixel device is running out of space, Pixel phones will routinely start removing of the old photos on the device and take backup to the cloud in full resolution. Google has also added a Smart Storage feature that asks users to remove apps they are not to be used for a long time.

Pixel launcher:

Google Pixel, Pixel XL Smartphone’s obtaining the new Pixel launcher, which has some exclusive features. For starters, a tough press on the mobile phone dialer will show the latest contacts. Plus, there’s a new design for the apps in the launcher. However, users can modify the launcher on the Pixel phones.
Google Pixel phones also come with unique data transfer option to move all their data including Photos, Messages (iMessages supported) etc from different Android or iOS device to their new Pixel Smartphones. Google has new Quick Switch Adapter in the box, and it is well-matched with most phones running Android 5.0 and greater version, iOS 8 and greater version.

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Easy Steps for Business Mobile Marketing

Nowadays, Mobile Marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business into worldwide. Today most of People spending lots of time on their Mobile phones, Smartphones, and Tablets. It’s significant to know how many of your clientele interact with your business via their mobile devices so you can improve your mobile marketing plan within your overall internet marketing solutions. One of easiest ways to verify your mobile traffic is to log in to your Google Analytics account. Once you’re log in your admin dashboard, go to Audience > Overview > Mobile > Overview. You’ll see the percentage of visitors who are seeing your website from mobile (Smartphone), desktop computers, and tablets.

Business Mobile Marketing

1. Mobile Friendly Websites making

Despite the small size of their mobile device customers looking for same online experience with your website as they would via desktop. The simplest way to build your site in a receptive way and look of your website design will scale to fit the mobile device, but the content will be remaining the same.

Having a dynamic website, one that provides mobile-specific content and mobile-friendly look to mobile visitors while helping to see desktop version to those with full-size monitors is the perfect. These works to know what your customers most require from your business when they’re mobile and provide them your products or services easily.

Business Mobile Marketing

2. What to know about mobile search & Business Mobile Marketing

One of the most regular users of Smartphone and tablets is searching online. As with desktop search, we have to use a mobile search engine is Google.

First, if you’re starting a local business with a particular location, give full information about your local business records on Google Places. When a mobile searcher is seeing for a local business, Google serve up its Maps listings close to the top of the search results. If you are adding photos, videos, hours, and a full description, it will be the best way to reach your local searchers.

Business Mobile Marketing

Mobile search result advertising is a great way to promote your website or online business solution … You can choose to reduce your mobile ads or use them exclusively your mobile stats will help you prioritize. Having a good mobile-friendly website will give your mobile search results marketing the ability to work.

3. Add text messaging into your online marketing

Another powerful tool of mobile marketing is text messaging. The best way to include texting with online marketing is to use your products and services as a way to get an opinion for your SMS text message list. You can use text messaging as a way to reach your customers outside their full and irresistible email inboxes.

4. Developing Mobile Application

The single most important factor in this decision is whether your Mobile app will provide a way for your customer’s something they want or need to do repeatedly. That’s because people will only download an app and keep it on their phone if they use it regularly. If the mobile app you have simply tell customers about your production, give them your place and hours, a list of services and provide special offers to them.

How to use Instagram for Marketing

Instagram Marketing – It’s like a Facebook, but not similar to its features and a perfect way to show your personal self-image at the flimsy cyber image you create of yourself digitally. Instagram is direct – the publicity and outreaches it offers are certainly away from what Facebook does, even if it’s mostly targeting next generation people and panorama shots of ambiguous objects with motivating quotes. So how would promote your business on such a colorful platform?

You can spread across your product in Social Media platforms, publicity and marketing are very important because it helps to make your product/services or your approach going to be viral. It gains some extra visitors for your products or business

Instagram marketing

1. How Instagram marketing works differently from FB

The main concept of Facebook and Instagram is basically the same, but there’s still a large follower that’s currently using Facebook, so we have to deal with it. Understand how Instagram works on the root of regard of posts and is completely an image medium rather than text, multimedia and internet marketing like Facebook. Hashtags here works most well than Facebook does. It makes your content to be very popular.

2. Find your Instagram name in a search friendly manner

Searches would give up on the basis of reputation so focus on using as simple as existing search name as possible on your account. For example, if your startup is a website design company called TIBS Software and it’s got a tagline saying “As good as Web Developers in Dubai!”, This trick is to be integrated into generic search names.

3. Shoot Square

Your Instagram represents only first-class photographs of yours, so uploading with high-quality photos that make your Instagram online marketing more valuable. Of course, this works only if you’ve gathered an amount of followers, to begin with, your Instagram page. One of the best ways to save time and create best photos for Instagram is to shoot square photos. Many digital cameras and Smartphone have these settings so it’s actually simple to do. This allows you save time on cropping and make sure that the necessary elements in the photo won’t be cropped out later.

Instagram marketing

4. Cross-Promote Your Partners

Cross-promote whenever you can! The tendency on Instagram now is to share the love, so to speak, by tagging others or even by complete promoting other companies, services and products. Having a simple product giveaway or monthly discounts where you build your followers give you a shout out to join or share your post is not only a big way to publish but also to add a lot of followers.

5. Following different users/posting videos

A simple follow for a follow policy works great, particularly since you can silently unfollow most of the bulk months later and lose only a fraction of these followers back when you do. Users love a policy that enables them to be followed by some others, mainly with a high number of followers themselves. Most hot Instagram marketing tip is to combine your posting approach by including videos further photos.


Features of Google Allo and Google Duo Mobile Apps

Google reveals two new mobile messaging apps, Allo and Duo, which are designed for text and video messaging, correspondingly. And today, Google distributed the first release of its Duo video calling mobile application for both Android and iPhone.

Google Allo, Google Duo Mobile Apps

Features of Google Allo App:

Google Allo is a messaging application like Facebook, WhatsApp messenger, its own individual Mobile app design coming to Android and iOS soon. Allo is a neat messaging app that should find out over time to make chat both easier and more useful. The main difference is that Allo comes up to some machine learning built in, consideration of Google Assistant, the company’s virtual supporter.

Much like Facebook chats, you can chat straight to Google Assistant via text open in Allo, allowing you to seek for movies and more all without leaving the application. You can type something in the chat window to talk straight to Google Assistant, and it’ll give you with what you want and share your friends. It will remember earlier chats so you can just carry on where you went last time if essential.

Google Allo and Google Duo

It also features ‘Expressions’ which are really smileys and stickers that can be used in chat. Talking of chat, Allo features an incognito mode that suggests end-to-end encryption and last chat for that ‘private’ discussion, also presenting private notifications to keep interfering eyes around you seem at your messages. You’ll also be capable of sending fast voice messages, much like Whatsapp and Facebook. Animated GIFs have turned into especially popular now, and it’s no surprise that you’ll be capable of adding them to your Allo chats.

Features of Google Duo App:

Google Allo and Google Duo

Duo is Google’s standalone video calling mobile application development
that appears set to take on Skype and Other Video calling. We say standalone video calling mobile application because that’s closely what it is no messaging function like Skype, its only use for video chat. It has tiny 5MB in size, so it has simple UI and measures to make smart option for video callers.

In August 2016 Google also established that Duo will soon support audio calls only – this means Google could appear to integrate Duo as the main message service in future changes of Android, cutting out the need for conventional cellular calls altogether.

Google Allo and Google Duo

Google Duo features which show you a live video of anybody video calling you on your lock screen before you even get the telephone. When you do answer the call, the video call begins in a flash with no dark stacking screens or slack. This
mobile application development software
is inconceivably responsive in execution, and we think it’ll be a noteworthy offering purpose of the service.

That is not all, however, as Google claims that Duo will even work with spotty cell associations, the worst thing of modern day video calling. As per the organization, the application can progressively modify the video and sound quality to suit whatever sort of association you’re on, and can keep up the call still when changing from Wi-Fi to cell and the other way around.
Much like Allo, Google Duo works with your mobile phone number instead of a Google account, providing users with a much more natural experience.