Top 8 Secret Functions of iOS 7

Top 8 Secret Functions of iOS 7


 Use Safari To See Tweets With Links / URLsiOS-Screenshot-20130921-043944-01

Want to quickly see all the tweets in your timeline with URLs / links in them? Simply launch Safari, press the bookmarks button – the one that looks like an open book, obviously – then press the @ button on top. Boom! All the tweets with links in one place. You should be signed in to your Twitter account in Settings > Twitter in order for this feature to work.

Turn Parallax On / Off

 Don’t just like the new iOS seven optical phenomenon impact on wallpapers – or 3D wallpapers as we’d prefer to decision them? worry that it would be exhausting your battery? merely flip it off. visit Settings> General >Accessibility; scale back Motion and switch it on or off consistent with your




Enable Motion Sensing Controls

iOS 7 lets you launch Siri or press the Home button by simply tilting your head, or pull down Notification Center by tilting your head to the left. Sounds epic? Indeed it does. Head over to Settings > General > Accessibility > Switch Control to turn it on. Now go to Switches and set up switches to perform different actions.

blockEnable / Disable Bold Text or Change Font Size System-wide

 Don’t like iOS 7’s new skinny font size? daring it up! Head over to Settings >General > Accessibility and alter daring Text. ever-changing the system wide font size is as simple as pie, too. Head over to Settings >General > Text Size and regulate the font size to your feeling.



Block Callers and Unwanted Messages

 This feature is a gem to use. Open the contact which might be bugging you, scroll all the way down in contact details and tap Block this Caller.That’s it. The contact will never be able to bug you again. If you want to manage blocked messages,then head over to Settings > Messages > Blocked. This also applies to FaceTime and iMessages.


siriUse Siri To Enable / Disable System Toggles

Siri shed its beta tag along with the release of iOS 7, and can do a lot more than just telling you the weather, calling a certain contact, settings reminders etc. Press and hold the Home button to launch Siri and say – for example – ‘Turn Wi-Fi on’ and Siri will turn on Wi-Fi for you. Same works for Bluetooth and other system toggles.




Use Swipe Gesture To Go Back One Screen

In iOS 7, you can simply use swipe gestures to go back a screen, rather than pressing that pesky back button on the display. In Messages for instance, if you’re in a thread, simply swipe from the left corner towards the right and you’ll be taken to the main Messages window. This works pretty much throughout iOS 7, like Mail, Settings, Contacts etc.

Take Square Photos Using Camera App

Regular photos aren’t cutting the mustard for you? The native Camera app in iOS 7 now lets you take square photos. Launch the Camera app, and swipe to the right to take photos in square proportions. You can use the same swiping gesture to go through Panorama and Video modes.

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