SEO : 5 Tips for Getting High Quality Backlinks in 2016

Backlinks remain a significant part of the more than 100 items Google’s search-engine algorithm considers to analyze your website’s ranking on a search engine results page (SERP). But completing a powerful backlink selection using only white-hat (ethical) SEO strategy can be challenging.

Still, it is probable to get high-quality backlinks. The following five tips will explain to you how to develop your backlink selection over time, and move your site’s position up in a good deal.


High-quality’ backlinks defined::

Initially, what does “high quality” mean? Google consider several factors to charge the authority and quality of backlinks.

Domain age: The difference between a domain that’s one year old and one that’s six months old… yet, older sites with reliable ownership show that the site is truthful to the Google gods, and these features provide links stronger weight.

Link authority: Keyword relevance, Domain age, and other items all go into link authority. Link authority also includes to how much weight Google provides your backlink. To verify your link authority, use “Ahrefs” a big tool to ensure your current backlink profile and verify link authority from other sites.

Exact-match anchor text: Exact-match anchor text ruins a significant component of high-quality backlinks. Anchor text associated with your topic, rather than anchor text like “click here,” adds weight and strength to backlinks.

5 tips for high-quality backlinks:

Getting high-quality backlinks like those explained above may appear a tall order. These methods obtain time, and then a long time to boost your site’s ranking in the SERPs. That won’t happen overnight. But these methods are both confirmed and moral for increasing your backlink profile as part of a generally SEO strategy.

Tip 1: analysis your current backlink profile. Take time to analysis your domain’s present backlink profile. The before mentioned Ahrefs is an industry standard tool that gives a wealth of information, but there are others to help you observe your site’s link profile and domain authority. They include Moz, Majestic, Small SEO Tools and more.

Start a file on your computer to track your site’s recent link profile. You’ll require this to track progress over time and your effort on your backlinks profile.

Record your site’s recent backlink profile in your folder. What sites are they from? How many links do you have? Visit some of the sites to view their quality. Check their authority and rank.

Tip 2: Create a list of your peak posts and keywords. You have to provide websites a motivation to link to your posts. Authoritative, Relevant, engaging and unique content forms the backdrop of all inbound linking actions. Go through your present website and develop a list of your mainly read content and keyword phrases that take in the top traffic levels. You’ll use these as a catalyst for your backlink progress efforts.

Tip 3: Add long-form content to your site. Long-form content, approximately defined as content over 1,000 words, draws backlinks. In one study, the standard Google first page search result enclosed 1,889 words. Look for good content on your own site now that can be extended into online guides. Add images to your content which rank healthy have at least one image.

Tip 4: Generating a list of websites that you’d similar to link into your site to start a guest posting attempts. Guest posts allow you to attach natural backlinks to your website from a large range of sites. In a switch for the content, the webmaster links to your site. It gets time to extend content for other sites. Don’t repurpose existing content or use copy content; that can damage both your SEO efforts and the site you’re pitching.

Tip 5: Pitch your top content to websites. Another strategy to find backlinks is to email the webmasters on your target list with a throw to link into your content. If the content is good enough or significant enough to their sites’ target audience, they may think your request. Provide them with anchor keyword phrases you’d like to have connected with your site, and be patient. They may take weeks to take action.


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