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20 Secret Features of iOS 7 you have to know

This week in our video blog we would like to introduce you to 20 secret features of iPhone7 possibly you would have not noticed or not known.We are gonna show you 20 of the faboulous  secret features which would make you say “awesome !”. [wpvp_flowplayer src=https://tibs.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/tibsios7.mp4 alt=”20 Secret Features” width=640 height=360 splash=https://tibs.me/wp-content/plugins/wp-video-posts/images/default_image.jpg]


                                                               This week we are going to introduce you to the popular technology of the year, “iBeacon”, which is the talk among technical giants. As […]

Top 8 Secret Functions of iOS 7

 Use Safari To See Tweets With Links / URLs Want to quickly see all the tweets in your timeline with URLs / links in them? Simply launch Safari, press the bookmarks button – the one that looks like an open book, obviously – then press the @ button on top. Boom! All the tweets with links […]

Android Voice Commands

Did you know that you can make your Droid Phone do things simply by talking to it? We’re not talking about the normal way you talk ON your phone but a special way you can talk TO your phone and it will obey your Commands! Android Voice Commands – An Introduction This article is intended […]

How to generate leads from internet

How to increase your sales and revenue?   Search Engine Optimization has gained a lot of importance in the recent years so much so that it becomes an integral part for every web development and web site design process. The credit goes to the ever increasing popularity of search engines. Now people trust search engines […]