Google Pixel, Pixel XL Smartphone’s Specification & Features

Google hosted a launch event in San Francisco to publicize a few cool Google products. They launched a new line-up name called Google Pixel Smartphone’s. The peak model of the series is Pixel XL with more large size to contribute with the incredible iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S7 Edge. Both Smartphone characteristic a 12-MP primary camera, 8MP front camera and Android 7.1 OS with same Pixel Launcher. Google company latest shot is to market customers on a Branded Google device and to competitive Apple Inc at the high end of the marketplace. In UAE opening price for the Pixel XL basic model is AED 2499 and AED 2299 for Pixel 32GB model. There are some new features in Google Pixel & Pixel XL.

Overview of Google Pixel Specification & Features:

Both Pixel phones enclosed with metallic housing and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, and it is good-looking. Besides, it may be the first mobile phone that you try with Android OS, v7.1 (Nougat) and 821 Snapdragon. The fresh system on chipset presents enhanced performance and power consumption, boost the speed up to 10% with support of 4GB RAM in Pixel phones by Google. The home screen of the Android version shows the encircling icons now with a new User Interface, which is limited to Pixel phones for the initial time. Both flagships prepared the volume control buttons on the right end, the headphone jack port placed on the top and USB Type-C. On the back side of the device, placed the camera lens and flash Noise canceling aspect is included further, below the lens, there is a fingerprint sensor work like as Nexus 6P and just under the sensor company logo ”G”.

Google Pixel,Pixel XL Smartphone's

Key Specifications Google Pixel:

• Android OS, v7.1
• Camera: 12MP 2160p
• 4GB RAM Snapdragon 821
• Display Size: 5.0″ 1080×1920 pixels
• Battery 2770mAh Li-Ion
• Available Colors: Very Black, Quite Silver, Really Blue

Key Specifications Google Pixel XL:

• Android OS, v7.1
• Camera: 12MP 2160p
• 4GB RAM Snapdragon 821
• Size: 5.5″ 1440×2560 pixels
• Big Batter 3450mAh Li-Ion
• Colors: Very Black, Quite Silver, Really Blue


Google is plugging the camera as the USP of these Pixel phones. It maintains this is the top Smartphone camera ever made, and suggests one of the finest low-light performances in the market.
Google Pixel and Pixel XL have 12.3MP rear camera with 1.55-micron pixels. Amusingly both Smartphone cameras don’t have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), but EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). Google says the EIS does a great job of using low-light situations as it is reliant on software to recompense for handshakes, poor lighting, and it will get better over time.

Google Pixel,Pixel XL Smartphone's


Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners get limitless online storage for photos and videos in Google Photos. Google says Pixel users can store up everything in full resolution, on Google Photos. The unlimited storage space for full resolution can also be passed forward to another device. Once the Pixel device is running out of space, Pixel phones will routinely start removing of the old photos on the device and take backup to the cloud in full resolution. Google has also added a Smart Storage feature that asks users to remove apps they are not to be used for a long time.

Pixel launcher:

Google Pixel, Pixel XL Smartphone’s obtaining the new Pixel launcher, which has some exclusive features. For starters, a tough press on the mobile phone dialer will show the latest contacts. Plus, there’s a new design for the apps in the launcher. However, users can modify the launcher on the Pixel phones.
Google Pixel phones also come with unique data transfer option to move all their data including Photos, Messages (iMessages supported) etc from different Android or iOS device to their new Pixel Smartphones. Google has new Quick Switch Adapter in the box, and it is well-matched with most phones running Android 5.0 and greater version, iOS 8 and greater version.

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Easy Steps for Business Mobile Marketing

Nowadays, Mobile Marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business into worldwide. Today most of People spending lots of time on their Mobile phones, Smartphones, and Tablets. It’s significant to know how many of your clientele interact with your business via their mobile devices so you can improve your mobile marketing plan within your overall internet marketing solutions. One of easiest ways to verify your mobile traffic is to log in to your Google Analytics account. Once you’re log in your admin dashboard, go to Audience > Overview > Mobile > Overview. You’ll see the percentage of visitors who are seeing your website from mobile (Smartphone), desktop computers, and tablets.

Business Mobile Marketing

1. Mobile Friendly Websites making

Despite the small size of their mobile device customers looking for same online experience with your website as they would via desktop. The simplest way to build your site in a receptive way and look of your website design will scale to fit the mobile device, but the content will be remaining the same.

Having a dynamic website, one that provides mobile-specific content and mobile-friendly look to mobile visitors while helping to see desktop version to those with full-size monitors is the perfect. These works to know what your customers most require from your business when they’re mobile and provide them your products or services easily.

Business Mobile Marketing

2. What to know about mobile search & Business Mobile Marketing

One of the most regular users of Smartphone and tablets is searching online. As with desktop search, we have to use a mobile search engine is Google.

First, if you’re starting a local business with a particular location, give full information about your local business records on Google Places. When a mobile searcher is seeing for a local business, Google serve up its Maps listings close to the top of the search results. If you are adding photos, videos, hours, and a full description, it will be the best way to reach your local searchers.

Business Mobile Marketing

Mobile search result advertising is a great way to promote your website or online business solution … You can choose to reduce your mobile ads or use them exclusively your mobile stats will help you prioritize. Having a good mobile-friendly website will give your mobile search results marketing the ability to work.

3. Add text messaging into your online marketing

Another powerful tool of mobile marketing is text messaging. The best way to include texting with online marketing is to use your products and services as a way to get an opinion for your SMS text message list. You can use text messaging as a way to reach your customers outside their full and irresistible email inboxes.

4. Developing Mobile Application

The single most important factor in this decision is whether your Mobile app will provide a way for your customer’s something they want or need to do repeatedly. That’s because people will only download an app and keep it on their phone if they use it regularly. If the mobile app you have simply tell customers about your production, give them your place and hours, a list of services and provide special offers to them.

How to use Instagram for Marketing

Instagram Marketing – It’s like a Facebook, but not similar to its features and a perfect way to show your personal self-image at the flimsy cyber image you create of yourself digitally. Instagram is direct – the publicity and outreaches it offers are certainly away from what Facebook does, even if it’s mostly targeting next generation people and panorama shots of ambiguous objects with motivating quotes. So how would promote your business on such a colorful platform?

You can spread across your product in Social Media platforms, publicity and marketing are very important because it helps to make your product/services or your approach going to be viral. It gains some extra visitors for your products or business

Instagram marketing

1. How Instagram marketing works differently from FB

The main concept of Facebook and Instagram is basically the same, but there’s still a large follower that’s currently using Facebook, so we have to deal with it. Understand how Instagram works on the root of regard of posts and is completely an image medium rather than text, multimedia and internet marketing like Facebook. Hashtags here works most well than Facebook does. It makes your content to be very popular.

2. Find your Instagram name in a search friendly manner

Searches would give up on the basis of reputation so focus on using as simple as existing search name as possible on your account. For example, if your startup is a website design company called TIBS Software and it’s got a tagline saying “As good as Web Developers in Dubai!”, This trick is to be integrated into generic search names.

3. Shoot Square

Your Instagram represents only first-class photographs of yours, so uploading with high-quality photos that make your Instagram online marketing more valuable. Of course, this works only if you’ve gathered an amount of followers, to begin with, your Instagram page. One of the best ways to save time and create best photos for Instagram is to shoot square photos. Many digital cameras and Smartphone have these settings so it’s actually simple to do. This allows you save time on cropping and make sure that the necessary elements in the photo won’t be cropped out later.

Instagram marketing

4. Cross-Promote Your Partners

Cross-promote whenever you can! The tendency on Instagram now is to share the love, so to speak, by tagging others or even by complete promoting other companies, services and products. Having a simple product giveaway or monthly discounts where you build your followers give you a shout out to join or share your post is not only a big way to publish but also to add a lot of followers.

5. Following different users/posting videos

A simple follow for a follow policy works great, particularly since you can silently unfollow most of the bulk months later and lose only a fraction of these followers back when you do. Users love a policy that enables them to be followed by some others, mainly with a high number of followers themselves. Most hot Instagram marketing tip is to combine your posting approach by including videos further photos.


Features of Google Allo and Google Duo Mobile Apps

Google reveals two new mobile messaging apps, Allo and Duo, which are designed for text and video messaging, correspondingly. And today, Google distributed the first release of its Duo video calling mobile application for both Android and iPhone.

Google Allo, Google Duo Mobile Apps

Features of Google Allo App:

Google Allo is a messaging application like Facebook, WhatsApp messenger, its own individual Mobile app design coming to Android and iOS soon. Allo is a neat messaging app that should find out over time to make chat both easier and more useful. The main difference is that Allo comes up to some machine learning built in, consideration of Google Assistant, the company’s virtual supporter.

Much like Facebook chats, you can chat straight to Google Assistant via text open in Allo, allowing you to seek for movies and more all without leaving the application. You can type something in the chat window to talk straight to Google Assistant, and it’ll give you with what you want and share your friends. It will remember earlier chats so you can just carry on where you went last time if essential.

Google Allo and Google Duo

It also features ‘Expressions’ which are really smileys and stickers that can be used in chat. Talking of chat, Allo features an incognito mode that suggests end-to-end encryption and last chat for that ‘private’ discussion, also presenting private notifications to keep interfering eyes around you seem at your messages. You’ll also be capable of sending fast voice messages, much like Whatsapp and Facebook. Animated GIFs have turned into especially popular now, and it’s no surprise that you’ll be capable of adding them to your Allo chats.

Features of Google Duo App:

Google Allo and Google Duo

Duo is Google’s standalone video calling mobile application development
that appears set to take on Skype and Other Video calling. We say standalone video calling mobile application because that’s closely what it is no messaging function like Skype, its only use for video chat. It has tiny 5MB in size, so it has simple UI and measures to make smart option for video callers.

In August 2016 Google also established that Duo will soon support audio calls only – this means Google could appear to integrate Duo as the main message service in future changes of Android, cutting out the need for conventional cellular calls altogether.

Google Allo and Google Duo

Google Duo features which show you a live video of anybody video calling you on your lock screen before you even get the telephone. When you do answer the call, the video call begins in a flash with no dark stacking screens or slack. This
mobile application development software
is inconceivably responsive in execution, and we think it’ll be a noteworthy offering purpose of the service.

That is not all, however, as Google claims that Duo will even work with spotty cell associations, the worst thing of modern day video calling. As per the organization, the application can progressively modify the video and sound quality to suit whatever sort of association you’re on, and can keep up the call still when changing from Wi-Fi to cell and the other way around.
Much like Allo, Google Duo works with your mobile phone number instead of a Google account, providing users with a much more natural experience.

market your business

Simple ways on How to market your Business

You may not spend cash on marketing in the early stages of starting your company, but that doesn’t signify that there aren’t useful ways to get your product out there. Before We using the Internet, small businesses only had little ways to market their goods inexpensively, through a way like printing out circular or sponsoring little local events. Now there are lots of opportunities out there on the Web. There are exactly hundreds of lucrative ideas you can use to increase your income. Here are five approaches on how to advertise your business that doesn’t cost a big money and that can be work for every market your business.

market your business

1. Talk to your Customers /Clients

One of the best ways to market your Business is talking to your existing customers. The discussion with your clients is just that, a conversation. Don’t ask questions at them; instead, has the interviewer keep in a conversation and gather some important data as you can. Remember, it’s not about how fulfilled they are, it’s about how much they appreciated your service or product.

2. Embrace Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing isn’t just a tool to increase publicity—it has now developed into necessary time savings for every business to make. You can attach in ads and offers on your Facebook page and have a straight channel with your customers on Twitter. Networking on LinkedIn—both at the individual and business level—can help another way to your startup your business marketing.

3. Put up multimedia on YouTube and Flickr :

YouTube provides an open way to share our innovative promotional videos, but in order to be successful you must put up content that people want to view and are related to your business—a simple advertisement will not work for this. A Flickr profile can also assist by giving you one place to collect all the photos for your business, and allows you to link back to your website.

4. Commit to newsletter or Email Marketing

Marketing through e-mail is flexible, commercial, easy to determine, and high impact on your business. It allows you to simply drive traffic to your Web site, reach wide geographic viewers and stay in regular contact with your clients and prospects. E-mail marketing allows you to market your business services and establish your proficiency with your viewers.

5. SEO your company website

Search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be misjudging in the world of constant Googling. SEO is the process of make up a web page so that it’s established, read, and indexed by search engines in the most useful manner possible. This makes your website and its content elegant, related and visible to search engines. Pick up a book or head over to an online how-to-guide on SEO and make sure your site is prepared for performance on search engines marketing.